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Salt resource utilization of high salt wastewater

The 2015 national industrial water and wastewater treatment technology and engineering application of exchange, the Hangzhou water treatment technology research and development center officially released on the high salt wastewater by advanced oxidation, concentrate, salt, resource of technology solutions. Participating experts believe that the technology program to truly achieve the use of salt water resources, will help solve the problem of high salt wastewater treatment.
The technology is by ozone oxidation of wastewater with high content of salt and through selective nanofiltration separation water sulfate and chloride, then through seawater reverse osmosis (RO) and electro driven membrane technology for deep concentration of concentrations up to more than 15%, greatly reduces the crystallization process of energy consumption and eventually obtain high purity of sodium chloride and sodium sulfate.
This process has the advantages of low energy consumption, stable operation, and so on. It has been successfully used in many projects, such as the petrochemical industry and the rare earth industry. In the coal chemical industry wastewater treatment with test results and specific data display, through the MVR and frozen crystallization technology gets the GB/T5462-2003 "industrial salt" Sun Industrial salt secondary standard sodium chloride and purity greater than 92% sodium sulfate products, not only to achieve the high salt wastewater treatment of "zero liquid discharge", and get high purity of the pure salt used for selling goods.
The zero liquid discharge and resource treatment of high salt wastewater is the inevitable trend of high salt wastewater treatment. At present, although the enterprises actively equipped with evaporation and crystallization device to deal with high salt wastewater, but there are still a lot of problems. A reverse osmosis concentrated water directly into the evaporator, water evaporation, high energy consumption; the second is the pretreatment technology is difficult to completely remove water in all kinds of heterocyclic organic compounds, resulting in evaporation and crystallization device isn't salt crystals, but sticky state of sludge; the third is even after a good treatment, the recovery of the vast most of the water and salt crystallization, but due to the obtained crystalline salt is mixed salt, not only can not be resource utilization but will be in accordance with the hazardous waste qualitative disposal. These problems plagued the coal chemical industry, and seriously affect the enterprise's project process.
Hangzhou Water Technology Marketing Director, said Shen Tu Xunyu, Hangzhou water treatment technology research and development center in Hangzhou Water Technology Research Laboratory in view of the above problems, the use of combination of membrane technology, give full play to the advantages of membrane technology, research and development of the integrated model in high salinity wastewater treatment process solutions and thoroughly solves the problems in processing wastewater with high salinity.


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