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MBR is highly valued and broad prospects

China's membrane manufacturing technology and membrane separation technology is increasingly perfect, in many membrane products and various applications, especially MBR has been recognized in the field of municipal wastewater treatment. In recent years, China attaches great importance to the field of wastewater treatment, the standard has become increasingly strict, the Chinese film market continues to expand, accounting for the world market share gradually increased, the current market demand is huge. Is expected to "MBR" in 13th Five-Year the scale of investment will reach 495-690 billion yuan, broad prospects.
Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a kind of technology which is replaced by membrane filtration to replace the two secondary settling tanks in traditional biochemical treatment. At the end of the 1960s, the United States initially in sewage treatment to super membrane separation instead of secondary sedimentation tank, and achieved excellent results, but at the beginning of membrane technology in the early stages of development, the film is expensive, short service life, and high energy consumption, failed to get promotion and application. In the last century, after 80s, with the development of membrane manufacturing technology and membrane separation technology, the research and application of MBR has been paid more attention and promotion.
The state attaches great importance to sewage treatment
With the country to implement energy-saving emission reduction strategy, accelerate the development of strategic emerging environmental protection industry, China's sewage treatment industry, the construction scale and scope of services will be further expanded. Sewage treatment construction and operation of the market is entering a period of rapid development, industry consolidation has gradually expanded, sewage treatment market-oriented reform will further advance, China's sewage treatment market investment and operation has a broad market space.
Municipal wastewater treatment will continue to be the main market for large MBR systems. At the same time, petrochemical, food and beverage and other industries with high organic load wastewater will be MBR to further provide a new market opportunities. Future, the sewage discharge standards will be more stringent, and the MBR system after treatment is significantly higher than the traditional sewage treatment system effluent water quality, so the sewage treatment will be more used MBR process technology.
Municipal wastewater treatment field recognized MBR
In numerous membrane products and various applications, especially in MBR (membrane bioreactor) application in the field of municipal wastewater treatment widely recognized by the industry. Since 2000, due to film prices 45% of fallen sharply and MBR membrane group can be placed in the land area of the cramped urban sewage treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, MBR in global sewage treatment market is growing attraction.
Market demand boost MBR development
At present, the domestic MBR project in the use of the film, 35.3% provided by the domestic enterprises, the other 64.7% by the foreign enterprises to provide. In the development of the future, the domestic film products have a great alternative to foreign products.
Domestic MBR market demand will be around 20% annual growth rate of rapid growth, much higher than the international average growth rate. 2008, the size of the domestic MBR market is 1 billion 600 million yuan. In 2013, the market demand for domestic MBR project 100 billion yuan, accounted for sewage treatment market share will reach 8%, the market demand for the 2015 will reach 30 billion yuan, accounting for sewage treatment market share will reach 27%, more alternative traditional technology, jumped to the ranks of the mainstream technology of domestic sewage treatment.
"Special emission limits" put forward good MBR
The draft of the "water pollution prevention action plan (water ten) since the promulgation of the first in the sewage discharge standards change," special emission limits the means on to reach the level of a sewage treatment plant need further treatment, to break through the ceiling of the original level of a standard to improve the sewage discharge standards, on China's water resources and water environment will bring profound influence. In the future, to meet the "special emission limit", in the water quality of the water and service life on the use of a significant advantage of the lining of the MBR membrane application will be the best choice.
In addition, for the control of water pollutant emissions, to improve the water quality of the environment, sewage treatment plant emissions requirements gradually tightened is imperative, the revision of the new standard for new sewage treatment plants are required to reach the level of a standard, the "sensitive areas" within the existing sewage treatment factory requirements before the end of 2017 to reach a comprehensive level of a standard. This means that the future of the sewage treatment plant is also the trend of the general trend.
According to the State Environmental Protection Department estimates, the current transformation of various types of investment costs to raise the standard up to 33 billion 600 million yuan. After the introduction of new standards, new and existing sewage treatment plant will raise standard transformation climax, with the lining membrane of the market demand will speed up the release, be the governance of the trend and direction of China's water environment, especially with lining membrane bring huge application space, the positive correlation of membrane technology enterprises.
MBR will be paid more and more attention and promotion
Traditional technology has been unable to adapt to the new standard, MBR is expected to be widely spread. We expect the special emission limit is expected to be the first in Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other economically developed areas to promote. According to our estimates, in particular emission limit emissions is expected to bring 738 million m3 / day new, 3782 Wanfang / day transformation is expected to 45 MBR investment scale will reach 495-690 billion yuan, annual investment will be from the current 30 billion yuan rose to 140 billion yuan, 3-5 times the growth.


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