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When the audience organization and promotion -- shecexpo 2016 organizers by member of the powerful resources, to promote both at home and abroad, major cities around the world and around Shanghai for dealers, agents, and direct mail invitation letter to visit sixty thousand, three hundred thousand tickets, by the organizing committee of the partial to the domestic and overseas clients. Set up specialized purchasers, audience organization department, responsible for purchasing, invite professional buyers at home and abroad and the registered buyers will enjoy free star-rated hotel, is expected to average more than 50 exhibitors can contact the buyer. 
When you harvest - 2016 with the world famous suppliers from the shecexpo, direct negotiation, and the scene of the new VIP high-quality buyers to negotiate, or with access to the VIP high-quality buyers keep in close contact, through professional seminars and peers, know the latest development of industry and technology; Enjoy the idea of "three days exhibition, service year" -- on a regular basis to provide you interested buyers list. 
Have VIP trade matching plan -- shecexpo 2016 to build the most effective trade platform is the aim of the organizers. Organizers plan by trade matching "tailored" custom-made business matching scheme for you, make enterprises in participation before can let buyers know more about the product, and help and guidance in the shortest possible time buyers the most directly and closely with suppliers. 
When promotion -- shecexpo 2016 organizing committee to use an existing database, customer contact network, telephone, fax and other communication way; And at the airport, railway station, bus station, roads and large advertising, exhibition center and other places set up exhibition for the exhibition long-term in-depth publicity. The exhibition news release shall be presided over by the organizer, then invited well-known media reporters to; Television, newspapers, radio journalist to periodic and all-round reports show. Establish long-term cooperation relationship with industry professional media, build a long-term publicity for the exhibition operation system. 


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