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For evaporator MVR evaporator, thin film evaporation equipment, short film evaporator, scraping plate film evaporator, centrifugal film evaporator, lift film evaporator, rotary film evaporator, vacuum evaporator, heating type vacuum evaporator, the external circulation vacuum evaporator, waste water evaporator, graphite evaporation (heat transfer), multi-effect distilled water machine, pure steam generator, steam ejector, steam jet pump, evaporation crystallization (machine) 
For other evaporator: evaporation station system, double concentrator, glass liquid film evaporator, a central circular tube evaporator, hanging box type evaporator, levin evaporator, forced circulation evaporator, enrichment of evaporation equipment, secondary steam recycling system, condensation water recycling system, external heating evaporator. 
For all kinds of mold, vacuum crystallizer, enrichment crystallization equipment, the cooling crystallization equipment, isoelectric point crystallization equipment, continuous casting crystallizer, graphite mold, continuous crystallizer, by continuous caster mould, vacuum cooking crystal pot, vertical crystallization tank, horizontal crystal case, crystal mixing device. 
For heat exchange equipment: plate heat exchanger, tube heat exchanger, finned heat exchanger, spiral heat exchanger, corrugated tube heat exchanger, ceramic, graphite heat exchanger heat exchanger, high-efficiency heat exchanger, heat exchange units, water-cooled radiator, radiator, heater heat exchanger, metal fin radiator, heat exchanger, 
For all kinds of compressed air system, equipment: all kinds of compressors, compressed air system, compressed air purification equipment and devices; Compressed air dryer (frozen type dryer, adsorption dryer), precision filter, the compressed air compressed air storage tank, etc.; 
For drying equipment, rotary dryer, chain layer drying machine, belt drier, spin flash dryer, dry blades, roller shell and tube dryer. 
For sewage treatment equipment, water purification equipment, water desalination device; 
For evaporation crystallization related equipment: stirring and mixing equipment; Separation filtration equipment, cooling technology and equipment, condenser, enrichment equipment, vacuum equipment, extrusion granulation equipment, purification equipment, extraction distillation equipment, baking equipment, laboratory and testing equipment, air preparation and processing equipment, air separation and liquefaction equipment, containers, reactor, tower, water treatment equipment, packaging, transport, electrical instrumentation, pumps, valves, motors, etc.; 
For compressor, roots blower, centrifuge, industrial computer and PLC control system and frequency conversion technology 


China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association technical equipment office evaporation and crystallization technology professional group

Chemical engineering and Chemical Engineering Society of China Specialized Committee evaporation professional group

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