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[invite co sponsors]
The conference invites outstanding enterprises to be their sponsors, build a brand strategy together. 150 thousand, 100 thousand, 8 grade three and co sponsored, organizers provide full publicity solutions. (co sponsor and sponsorship programme)
Co sponsored to participate in the exhibition, will get the following 9 items of service or publicity:
A. enterprises enjoy the best effect of the comprehensive publicity and synchronization of the exhibition; B. enjoy the best results of the professional audience awareness of the exhibition organization;
C. to obtain the maximum benefit of the full spread of the people with the minimum input.
1, courtesy of Honor 2, opening type propaganda 3, venue advertising propaganda 4, Journal of propaganda, professional audience invited publicity
6, website promotion 7, media interview 8, booth arrangement 9, seminar, etc..


China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association technical equipment office evaporation and crystallization technology professional group

Chemical engineering and Chemical Engineering Society of China Specialized Committee evaporation professional group

Shanghai Yi Han Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

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