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participation fee
1. Booth fees and arrangement: this exhibition provides standard booths and vacant ground in two forms, for exhibitors to choose according to need.
* standard booth fee: international exhibitors: $3600 / standard booth (9m2/);
Domestic exhibitors: 13800 yuan / standard booth (9m2/);
Standard booth includes carpet, the three panels, company name lintel board, consulting table a, two chairs, fluorescent lamp a, power supply socket a (special power please explain in advance, which will be charged separately).
This empty space costs: international exhibitors: $360 /m2; domestic exhibitors: 1200 yuan /m2 (36m2 rent);
Vacant ground without any shelf space and facilities, the exhibitors can arrange a special decoration or entrust the work of organizational units recommended to build the company.
* booth arrangement: "first application, first pay, first arrangement" principle, organizational units ultimately retain a small booth right transfer.
2. Meeting arrangement: organizational units in 30 days before the date of the exhibitors' manual "(about the schedule, exhibits transportation, hotel reception, proceedings
Editing, booth building, etc.) to send or mail to the exhibitors.
3: the ads will help you find customers in the exhibition! In addition to the general assembly during the transmission, but also through a variety of relevant channels to send to the
Can come to visit the exhibition around the hands of professionals, they can make use of to quickly find contacts and services. Note: the price for:
It covers $18000 -- $10000 -- page cover $10000
You back $15000 -- $8000 -- three color pages for 5000 yuan
Note: Journal (Journal specifications for 210mm * 285MM, advertising fee shall be paid a one-time; unable to exhibitors, welcome to choose. )
4 sponsored programs and recommended advertising projects: Exhibition ad hoc co sponsors and sponsors are welcome to call the Advisory business.


China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association technical equipment office evaporation and crystallization technology professional group

Chemical engineering and Chemical Engineering Society of China Specialized Committee evaporation professional group

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